Electrical Distribution Equipment

Field service provides customers with comprehensive maintenance, repair, and renewal services for electricity distribution equipment. 

Insta's effective, dependable field service ensures that electricity distribution equipment runs safely and reliably. Our service range comprehensively covers all work from maintenance and repairs to measurements and analyses, in addition to the engineering and installation of new apparatus. Our knowledgeable and experienced personnel serves in a customer-oriented manner, striving to ensure the continuity of our customers' operations with the best solutions and minimal shutdowns.

We use the iNetti maintenance software for maintenance management.

We are close to our customers and focus on continuous, customer-oriented development of services.  We operate throughout Finland, with permanent locations in Tampere, Vantaa, and Muurame.

The iNetti maintenance software for contract maintenance customers enables contract maintenance monitoring in real time, also with respect to documentation.

Salonen Mika Business Unit Manager +358 50 563 3696
Välimäki Johannes Sales Manager +358 50 443 0747
Sikanen Terho Maintenance Manager (Muurame) +358 50 430 8653
Laaksonen Tomi Service Engineer (Salo) +358 50 464 5230
Ylioja Niko-Ville Service Specialist (Espoo) +358 50 448 1250
Helander Matias Project Manager (Tampere) +358 50 592 8597

Circuit breakers and disconnectors

  • Circuit breakers and disconnectors 0.4–110 kV
  • Low, medium, and high voltage equipment maintenance, repair, renewal, and commissioning
  • All brands as field or workshop work
  • Equipment renewal: all brands represented, such as ABB, Schneider, and Siemens
  • Spare parts, consulting, and support services

Protection relays

  • Regular, primary and repeat testing, renewal, and commissioning
  • Overcurrent relays, ground relays, differential guards, motor protection relays, generator relays, etc.
  • Our service covers all major brands, such as ABB, VAMP, and Siemens
  • Spare parts, consulting, and support services

Cabinets and apparatus 0.4–110 kV

  • Maintenance, repairs, and inspections
  • Renewals, expansions, and commissioning

Substations <110 kV

  • Maintenance, repairs, and inspections
  • Equipment renewal, expansion, and commissioning

Distribution Substation Maintenance

Transformer substation maintenance includes preventive maintenance procedures and repairs for all electricity distribution equipment, in a cost-effective way with just one maintenance break, including:

  • Transformers
  • Disconnectors
  • Circuit breakers and disconnectors
  • Protection relays
  • Compensation and filter equipment
  • Backed-up power supply
  • Electrical drives
  • Cabinets and switchgear
  • Agreeing on an outage with the network company or network custodian

If required, we supply reserve power during maintenance.

Compensation and Electricity Network Filter Equipment

  • Anti-coil batteries, active and passive filters
  • Inspections, measurements, and equipment measurements
  • Maintenance and repairs
  • Renewal and commissioning

Reserve power and backed-up power supply

  • UPS devices, accumulators, and battery packs
  • Maintenance, repairs, and inspections
  • Renewal and commissioning

Find out about Insta's reporting and maintenance software, which facilitates the maintenance and life cycle optimization of equipment and systems.

As a full-service electrical automation partner, Insta also serves its customers at other stages of system life cycles:


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