The comprehensive transformer maintenance service of our Field Service is based on life cycle management.

We plan transformer maintenance carefully, taking into account the customer's needs and operating environment. This helps us avoid unplanned shutdowns and improves the operational reliability of the entire production process.

The iNetti maintenance software enables contract maintenance monitoring in real time for customers, also with respect to documentation.

Salonen Mika Business Unit Manager +358 50 563 3696
Välimäki Johannes Sales Manager +358 50 443 0747
Sikanen Terho Maintenance Manager (Muurame) +358 50 430 8653
Laaksonen Tomi Service Engineer (Salo) +358 50 464 5230
Ylioja Niko-Ville Service Specialist (Espoo) +358 50 448 1250
Helander Matias Project Manager (Tampere) +358 50 592 8597

Transformer maintenance on-site

  • Oil-insulated and dry transformers
  • Maintenance and repair tasks
  • Preventive maintenance on distribution and process transformers
  • Oil sampling and transformer inspection during operation
  • Replacements for grommets and lid seals
  • Oil analyses
  • Oil filtering

Transformer Maintenance at the Workshop

  • Opening maintenance on transformers at the Muurame workshop
  • Tightening of internal couplings, replacement of seals and formed rubber
  • Oil filtering
  • Inspections, renewal, and modification of protective equipment
  • Surface treatment
  • Installation and repairs of auxiliary equipment

Oil Analyses

  • Oil analysis is a dependable and rapid technique to determine transformer condition without any shutdowns
  • The analysis includes a separate oil analysis and inspection report with recommendations on possible further measures
  • Basic scope of analysis:
    • Electrical strength
    • Moisture and humidity 
    • Gases (hydrogen, methane, acetylene, ethane, carbon monoxide, combustion gases and degradation gases as a sum value)
    • N figure 
    • The trends of measured results both numerically and as profiles

Oil Filtering

  • If an oil analysis indicates that the oil does not fulfill the requirements set for it, we can improve oil quality by filtering
  • Oil filtering is often possible even during operation
  • Filtering can be used to remove moisture, contaminant particles, and gases



  • The lifetime of a transformer is limited and depends on loads and operating conditions
  • When a transformer is coming to the end of its life cycle, renewal planning should be initiated
  • Proactively planned and implemented renewal saves money


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