Engineering Services

Engineering is highly significant in terms of operational productivity, efficiency, and flexibility – from the perspective of investments, the costs of maintenance, and life cycle inspection.

Insta is an experienced and knowledgeable partner in the engineering of automation, electrification, and instrumentation solutions. In the engineering work, the customer's field and individual operational environment requirements and development plans are taken into consideration. We utilize advanced, tested technology as well as the best products on the market in engineering customer solutions. We take account of the predictability, availability, safety, and operational reliability of the engineering target – production plant, system, sub-system or equipment.

Expert services provided with certified quality rest on over 50 years of solid experience in process and machine automation, which we supplement with advanced technological and methodological know-how including standardized field bus technologies as well as IEC 61508-compliant life cycle and security solutions. Our software expertise incorporates the best automation solutions for our client, such as PLC, SCADA and DCS systems.

High-quality applications improve the efficiency of the customer's processes and increase productivity. Due to Insta's own application development, software and interfaces are implemented in a versatile and flexible manner.  

Our services are generated with certified quality.

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Stenberg Jyri Engineering and Turn-key Deliveries, Business Area Unit Director +358 20 771 7315

As a full-service electrical automation partner, Insta also serves its customers at other stages of system life cycles:

Cabinet Manufacturing



Maintenance and Life Cycle Services

Electrical Distribution Service

Turn-key Deliveries


Insta Automation – Clients

  • Process and Chemical Industry
  • Energy Industry
  • Nuclear Power
  • Oil Refineries
  • Food and Dairy Industry
  • Machine Shop Industry

  • Paper Industry
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Mining Industry
  • Environment and Water Supply
  • Theaters
  • Theater Technology Clients

  • Engineering units and project exporters
  • Marine and Offshore
  • Marine Industry
  • Water Supply and Other Critical Infrastructure
  • Industrial Process Equipment Providers, System Integrators and Suppliers
  • Industrial Process Equipment Suppliers

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