Energy Measurement Systems

Energy costs represent a significant share of maintenance costs in industrial operations. In addition to costs, energy measurement is used to monitor the efficiency and fault-free functioning of operations.

The management and forecasting of energy costs are achieved through engineering and deploying an effective energy measurement system. The system also permits the deployment of an ISO 50001 standard-compliant energy management system. Monitoring the quality of electricity is a part of comprehensive smart maintenance and ensures the operational reliability of production and safe usage. 

Insta provides its customers turn-key services in energy measurement systems, including engineering, installation, programming, commissioning, training, and maintenance. Engineering is performed with the thorough special expertise in industrial electrical automation solutions and processes accumulated by Insta's experienced and professionally skilled personnel. Customer-oriented services, certified quality, and independence from equipment suppliers ensure the best solutions that perform well in life cycle inspection.

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Engineering of energy measurement systems

  • Systems compliant with customers' needs, from needs assessment to detailed engineering



Equipment and installation

  • Measurement equipment, transformers, and other components
  • Data transfer equipment and information systems
  • Programs and cloud services
  • Installations of the above-mentioned equipment and systems


Commissioning and training

  • Configuration and commissioning of measurement devices and software
  • Customer-specific tailored training packages



  • System expansions, updates, and development
  • Measurement data analysis and expert statements


As a full-service electrical automation partner, Insta also serves its customers at other stages of system life cycles:

Cabinet Manufacturing



Maintenance and Life Cycle Services

Electrical Distribution Service

Turn-key Deliveries

Find out about Insta's reporting and maintenance software, which facilitates the maintenance and life cycle optimization of equipment and systems.

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