Engineering of Electrification Solutions

Reliable and high-quality electrification solutions are prerequisites for successful installation of production equipment and for a cost-effective life cycle of the automation solution.

High-quality electrification is a key to operational reliability. Well-executed electrification engineering ensures that unnecessary breaks in production, expensive repairs, and re-investments are avoided.

Insta helps its customers in engineering electrification solutions, selecting components, and planning the life cycle of solutions. The solutions are engineered by highly trained personnel with broad knowledge in the sector and processes. Our quality is certified and we utilize advanced technological knowledge. As an independent partner, we ensure that the best possible components are used in customer solutions.

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As a full-service electrical automation partner, Insta also serves its customers at other stages of system life cycles:

Cabinet Manufacturing



Maintenance and Life Cycle Services

Electrical Distribution Service

Turn-key Deliveries

Find out about Insta's reporting and maintenance software, which facilitates the maintenance and life cycle optimization of equipment and systems.

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