Network Calculation Services

A functional electricity network is based on competent network engineering which takes into account the requirements of the operational environment during the anticipated life cycle.

Insta serves its customers in industrial electricity network engineering with decades of experience in the automation, process and marine industries as well as in electrification and instrumentation.
We combine customer-oriented consultation service with certified quality. Advanced expertise, extensive familiarity with the field and independence all ensure selection of the best solutions.

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Industry and properties

Short circuit calculation

  • Short circuit currents with various types of faults
  • Assessment of short circuit tolerances of instrumentation and cabling
  • Assessment of circuit breakers' breaking capacity
  • Specification of bus ducts' short circuit tolerance
  • Short circuit calculations for reserve power and UPS distribution
  • Arc energies and protective clothing

Selectivity inspection

  • Assessment of protection selectivity
  • Determination of relay settings

Load-flow calculation

  • Measurement
  • Voltage losses
  • Power losses

Marine Onshore / Offshore

Network calculation services for new vessels and refurbishment projects

  • Basic engineering services for scoping purposes
  • Short circuit calculation for normal and emergency distribution
  • UPS distribution short circuit calculations
  • Determination of relay settings and selectivity inspection
  • Documentation in accordance with the requirements of classification societies

As a full-service electrical automation partner, Insta also serves its customers at other stages of system life cycles:

Cabinet Manufacturing



Maintenance and Life Cycle Services

Electrical Distribution Service

Turn-key Deliveries

Find out about Insta's reporting and maintenance software, which facilitates the maintenance and life cycle optimization of equipment and systems.

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