Smart Factory Products

Insta's Smart Factory product family is an entity consisting of constantly developing software, systems, and products designed for customers' needs to support the monitoring and maintenance of factory productivity and other key factors.

The Smart Factory product family helps the customer control the efficiency of production facility automation solutions and equipment. As tools in life cycle planning and development, they help in forecasting maintenance in terms of both costs and procedures.

Reporting programs streamline the supervision and management of our customers' production systems. Smart Factory Products are a tool for performance and productivity development. They are also useful as communication and documentation tools for maintenance services.

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iASupport Cloud Service

iASupport is a cloud service that our customers can log into in order to examine the documentation related to their automation system, update programs, and enter less urgent work orders.

Service contract content and scope are specified in accordance with the customer's requirements.




Wahti Reporting and Maintenance Program

"Almost all Kuopion Vesi reports are produced using the Wahti reporting program – including official, laboratory, energy, and production reports. Energia Wahti monitors energy and chemical consumption at wastewater sites and enables these values to be optimized. All Kuopion Vesi's sites and equipment are covered by the Wahti Maintenance program. This provides a solid foundation for preventive maintenance as well as property and equipment management.

Information is now available to everyone who needs it, from engineering to network, administration, and senior management."

Kuopion Vesi, Markus Happonen, Electrical Engineer

Process reporting

"The Reporting program functions reliably and we can trust the accuracy of the data, which is extremely important."

Janne Mäki-Petäjä, Operations Manager, Aqua Palvelu Oy




Property Management

"The program was tailored in accordance with the customer's requirements. The program is a useful tool in assessing future investment needs."

Janne Mäki-Petäjä, Operations Manager, Aqua Palvelu Oy





Service and Maintenance

"The 24/7 service and maintenance ensure the reliable operation of Kuopio's water supply. Any incidents are resolved quickly thanks to the remote connection, among other things. The iASupport cloud service improves the monitoring of ordered and ongoing tasks and projects. The service also stores a history of completed tasks.

Close cooperation helps us to keep up with SIA development and continuously improves the reliability of our water supply."

Kuopion Vesi, Markus Happonen, Electrical Engineer



Energy Management

Wahti software energy management optimizes the process and its energy management into an effective and economical whole.


Alarm Forwarding

"Turun seudun puhdistamo, the wastewater treatment service provider in the Turku region, replaced its old equipment supplier's alarm forwarding program with Insta's a little over a year ago. The most important reasons for the switch were:

  • Management of the old alarm forwarding program did not enable the user to manage alarms in the manner desired. Insta's alarm forwarding program provided the potential for open and versatile management.
  • Insta's system enables duplication of the alarm forwarding system.This supports the redundant structure of the control room system and enables the use of two telecom operators." 

Turun seudun puhdistamo Oy, Jyrki Haapasaari, Automation Manager


As a full-service electrical automation partner, Insta also serves its customers at other stages of system life cycles:

Cabinet Manufacturing



Maintenance and Life Cycle Services

Electrical Distribution Service

Turn-key Deliveries

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