Optimization of Settings

Optimizing automation systems' settings can boost productivity by up to 10%. At the same time, energy efficiency is enhanced, process and personal safety is improved, and many other significant benefits are achieved.

Insta's iWAY concept for the optimization of settings quickly improves production facility productivity and cost effectiveness with modest investments. The iWAY concept improves quality yield capability, reduces energy and raw material expenses, and keeps maintenance costs in check. Controlled data usage enables the precise targeting of measures, which means that the effects are quickly seen as more effective production.

The iWAY concept is applicable to both optimizing existing production entities and engineering entirely new processes.

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Analysis of current status

  • Identification of critical process phases and challenges
  • Specification of critical regulators
  • Data analysis
  • Comparison with best practices
  • Solution model and improvement potential



Optimization of control structures

  • By adjusting and optimizing the regulators, the production efficiency of production lines is raised
  • The process is optimized
  • Continuity: operations are monitored and adjusted in order to maintain the desired process level




Fine-tuning of settings

  • Fine-tuning of settings and, if required, change to the control structures
  • Analysis verification
  • Required production tests
  • Operator training
  • Monitoring of regulator capability
  • Monitoring services
  • Condition-monitoring elements available




Simulation and modeling

  • Process modeling and simulation of alternative models
  • New products and raw materials: process testing by means of simulation







  • Supervision of regulator status
  • Adjustment measures if required
  • History data analysis and maintenance optimization





Also have a look at Insta's reporting and maintenance software, which helps in the maintenance of equipment in addition to optimizing the life cycle.

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