Reporting and Maintenance Software

Insta's reporting and maintenance software – developed with the customer in mind – supports the customer in monitoring and optimizing automation systems and maintaining equipment.

Reporting programs streamline the supervision and management of our customers' production systems. They are an excellent tool for developing performance and productivity. They also function as communication and documentation tools for maintenance services.

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Riikonen Mika Regional Operations and Maintenance, Business Area Unit Director +358 40 159 3362

iNetti for Electrical Distribution Service Customers

  • A system designed for keeping track of the maintenance of the customer's equipment base
  • Functionalities include preventive maintenance plans, maintenance monitoring and documentation, life cycle surveying, and further action required
  • Service heads-ups to the customer and the supplier
  • Notes field on each equipment card for logging faults to be taken into consideration in maintenance/repair
  • Extensive search functionality – quick help in the event of a fault (search for a spare device, etc.)
  • Usable on desktop computers, tablets and smart phones


  • A cloud service that works as a communication channel between customers ordering maintenance and Insta. It stores documentation related to the maintenance of the facilities. It streamlines daily work and makes cooperation more efficient.
  • Also contains the required contact details and maintenance and upkeep plans, information on maintenance tasks, and lists of spare parts.
  • As part of the maintenance contract, iASupport can also store up-to-date documentation. Programs, automation drawings, maintenance plans, and other necessary documents are stored on a secure system on Insta's server. iASupport thereby also functions as a documentation management system.

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  • The @Wahti reporting, service, and maintenance software helps to monitor and manage process functionality and efficiency.
  • Process reporting environment: report process data with an open software (energy report, maintenance, property management, alarm forwarding)
  • Maintenance and equipment cards: a preventive maintenance tool
  • Smart forwarding of alarms and statistical analysis
  • Energy management: optimizes energy and processes
  • Property management: real-time information on where investments are needed
  • Laboratory and official reporting interfaces

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Documentation management and related cloud services

  • Management and maintenance of customer documentation, browser access
  • Service contract content and scope in accordance with the customer's requirements
  • Documents on Insta's server
  • Service contract for documentation maintenance
  • 24/7 document portal
  • Document management in the format agreed
  • Management and maintenance of user rights
  • Content structure on a customer-specific basis
  • Document backups

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iPad document publication

  • Fomatted iPad for the electronic and wireless publication of automation documents
  • Documents as PDF files
  • Easy and effective remote use of the @Wahti software





As a full-service electrical automation partner, Insta also serves its customers at other stages of system life cycles:


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